About Me


One of the first things I do when I check out a new blog is read the “About me” so here it goes I guess.  I am in my late twenties living in suburb of Boston. For the first time sense moving from home I truly feel home in my community in which I live now.  I pretty much love it here…. which you will see throughout my blog. you will also learn a lot about the silly things my boyfriend does, which whom I live with and that I am a die heart Boston sports fan. Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots… I rarely miss a game.


So a year ago… I started a blog called “Zero to Sixty” document my journey to better living. See I never was over weight by any means but I certainly wasn’t in shape. I love sports and athletics but growing up I never could find my sport. Actually funny story. I did track for a year and tried to do sprint running… My track coach told me that I would be a really good distance runner and I should try it. I thought to myself “I could never run for miles”. Silly me. Should have listened to the couch.

Anyway… I started to realize that my body could not just rely on my fast metabolism anymore and I needed to start eating better and working out.

… So I joined a gym in February 2013 and I am writing is about me on February 6th 2014. I feel as though I started the first  blog not really knowing where I wanted it to go because I didn’t know what I really wanted my fitness goals to be. Today I am starting to figure that out and they are based around running, so I thought a change in the blog would be appropriate.  This is starting to feel more me already! So this blog is to document training and the races in which I run, and a little about what I do on the weekends to have fun.

Anyway if you have any questions you can reach me on my twitter account.


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