The Ugly

The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I will write about them all on this blog, and this weekend was definitely the ugly.  On my birthday I started to feel a little under the weather, Jon had a cold and I was clearly getting it so by this weekend it was attacking my body full on.

The cold that has been going around is strange.  It’s like cough that comes from the lungs but it is a full on sinus infection as well with a little bit it of a fever.  Saturday night my eyes were so watery I could barely stand to keep them open watching the Olympics and went to bed around 11:00 on a Saturday night, for me that’s early.

So this weekend not only was I sick BUT the Olympics Men’s Hockey games were on at 7:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. So what did this all mean for workouts?

I had been debating going to my body sculpt class and missing the end of the game. BUT in reality who was I kidding, it was really not debate at all, was I really going to miss this game for my class, NO. Wow what a game it was. Oshie was unreal with getting what I believe was 4 out of 6 shots in the shoot-out. That does not happen. Well party because it is against the rules in the NHL but seriously that was so awesome to watch him do that.  I of course immediately looked him up after the game and he is a center so there is a very slim chance the Bruins would ever go after him. Center is the one position on the Bruins that we are pretty much set with.  BUT that game was crazy and so much fun to watch.

After watching the game Saturday Jon and I went to the gym together to do some strength training. I got about an hour or so in but it was nowhere near the level our teacher brings us to in class. BUT it was kind of nice creating my own routine and also nice to take it a bit easier do to the fact I wasn’t 100%.

On Sunday We woke up early again and watched the mens game. Sunday afternoon I attempted a run. I had 8 miles I was supposed to do Sunday but only did a 5k.  Let me tell you 22 degree weather + a cold + asthma does not = a good time to run.  It was ugly my friends it was ugly

Distance: 3.1 Miles
Time: 33.27
Average Pace: 10:47 min/mi
Calories Burned: 267

Mile 1: 10:18,
Mile 2: 10:58,
Mile 3: 10:54
Mile 4: (.10 miles):  12:17.

I got a pretty picture out of it though….


Seriously that was just embarrassing.  Running with a cold you have to stop a lot to get rid of some body fluids, and I also had to stop to catch my breath a lot. When I got home I felt like I ran 8 miles, and for someone who runs 3 miles a couple days of week, that’s when you know your body is not 100%.  With that being said I actually started to feel better throughout the day and was happy that I did it.  

Like I said it the last post, you have to listen to your body. Sometimes it’s hard to know before you started working out. Sunday I saw people running as I went to the grocery store and got supper jealous and was like you know what? I think I feel good enough to do this today. 8 miles, let’s go. As soon as I started I knew my body was not up for it. That’s okay though. It actually fit in well with my training plan.  Next weekend I was supposed to run a 5K race and no longer runs, so I am just going to switch up the weekends and say that was my 5k race.

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