Weekly Update- February 10th

I hope everyone’s week went well. Mine was pretty awesome!! Although I JUST realized that I deleted my camera role (I seriously take way to many pictures) which had all my workout pictures that I had. I know you are missing out on really pretty treadmill pictures.. I know you are disappointed!

Monday: Yoga Fit.

Tuesday: 3 Mile run on the treadmill

Wednesday: 4 Mile run on the treadmill

Thursday: Shoveling- I seriously can not wait till this is over!! I caught this flu/cold thing that is going around. I was going to some hill training, but I figured if I am not feeling well, I should not abuse my body. AND it was really shitty out. There are limits ya know? Don’t want to make things worse! I saw this picture thing about how working out is like 4% of your day, so there are no excuses. The realizing your workout is like 4% of your day is pretty motivating….BUT with that being said the no excuses part I am not sure I am on board with. My belief is there are some I guess you would call the “excuses”.  Feeling sick and shitty weather, is a pretty good reason not to force your body to do something its not up for and also a reason to stay safe.

Friday: OFF

Planned:  Saturday body scuplt class + 2 mile run (if I am feeling better, still a little under the weather!) Sunday 8 mile run. I am not sure where Kensie and I are going to find to be able to run this far… it will be interesting!

With that behind us it was my Birthday this week and I got spoiled rotten! My boyfriend and I went to Union Street Grill in Newton. When I saw their menu I wanted like everything. I went with the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. OMG. SO good. We also got this giant desert….


For my birthday he got be Bruins tickets to see the Blackhawks vs the Bruins.  SO excited!! As well as an Alex Ani bracelet. I got one from Jon and two from my Mom. So the collection begins! 🙂


Anyway. That was my week in a nutshell!

A couple blogging questions.

So I just started using wordpress… is there a way to adjust the width of your blog posts? I dont like how the pictures are coming out all stretched! IS it something I have to buy the editor for?

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