Wake Up Its Worth It!

A lot of people are always shocked that I get my workout in before I got to work, especially because I live about 45 minutes away from my Job which means that my alarm clock goes off at 5:15. Which for some people is normal… but not for me.

So how do I do it?  And WHY?

Night Before: 

Step 1: Pack lunch. I pack my left over dinner from the night into a Tupperware and  place everything that is refrigerated next to it. Then I pack all the non refrigerated stuff into a plastic bag to bring to work. In the morning I just simply have to open the fridge and take all the refrigerated stuff which is right next to each other and put it into my bag.

Step 2:  Pack my gym bag for work clothes the night before. I am a lucky girl and my dress code at work is pretty relaxed. Now its winter I typically where cords/jeans with a sweater.  So I can put these in a gym bag and not worry about it getting wrinkled. I wore slacks the other day and felt totally out of it that day. So I pack that with my Shampoo/Conditioner, soaps, ect.  You know, everything a person knows they need for the day.

Step 3: Get my gym clothes ready on top of my gym bag.

The Morning 

Step 1: Alarm clock goes off at 5:15. Hit Snooze…. Okay Ill get up in 10:00 minutes (feeling pumped…).  Phone alarm clock goes off…. to Britney Spears Work Bitch with a note saying “Get up its worth it”. Deal. It is. And yes that song motivates me like no other- I am not afraid to admit it! 🙂

Step 2: Second alarm clock goes off… UGH “insert excuse here” would totally be a justifiable reason not to get up right now and go to the gym right? Like my phone says it’s -10 degrees.

Step 3: Ug. Everything is packed… Am I really going to get ready out of my gym bag at home? That would probably be pretty lame.

Step 4: Browse social media 5 minutes on my phone debating if said excuse is really a good one.

Step 5: Really? Its not. Get up.

Step 6: Get dressed, grab everything and go.

Step 7: Get to the gym around 6:00- 6:10. Workout for 30- 60 minutes pending what I am doing and what time I get there.  Leave the gym around 7:00- 7:20. Then get to work.

And yes. that conversation happens in my head every morning. 🙂  BUT I must say every time I go to the gym I am glad I did it, and every-time I skip I am  like damn I should have gone. This morning was totally one of those mornings. I had a good excuse in my head, and I said no… I am going. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill which isn’t the most exciting thing in the world but my run actually felt really really good.

I must say getting my workout done in the morning so worth it. The thing is I see as time I would not be use doing anything else but sleeping (which is important- I got to bed early) I am not going to get up at 5:30AM and fold laundry… that’s just not going to happen. BUT my time in the evening is time that I am going to use to do chores ect. Weather its getting dinner ready before 8:00, watching a favorite TV show, or more importantly a big Bruins game, doing laundry, cleaning, ect…. there is so much more going on in the evening that I would like to do then go for a run.

That being said… the first few weeks I tried this my body was DEAD. Its really hard to readjust your body to getting up earlier then normal.  I am also dead my 9:30PM, which is normally when I at least dive into bed and start reading. BUT that’s okay…. because aside form late night games I am not going to be doing anything from 9:30PM on anyways.  Its around the time I would be thinking about settling down for the night if I got up at 6:45.

Although this completely changes during the summer!! Running outside obviously is way more motivation!! I seriously can’t wait till this winter is overrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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