Boring Title Insert Here…

I hate coming up with tittles for my post. They are pretty boring posts, about the same thing over and over… so I been lacking creativity. Although… I am kind of thinking of making more effort to making this more interesting and not just a record of all my workouts. We will see.. I promise this to myself a lot and it doesn’t happen.

Another random thought… So I think I totally messed up my weeks of training some how.  I mean it was actually in a good way. ahead of schedule so that’s a positive….

Anyway… on to this week.

Monday: Skipped Yoga. I find it so hard to get to this class… because A. I find it boring (but I know its good for me) and B. because it starts at 7:30PM.  Well luckily for me sometimes things just work out… My work scheduled a yoga instructor to come to my work and host a class starting at 5:15PM. She was doing Tuesday- Thursdays but moved it to Monday- Wednesdays. AMAZING… Its “Yoga Fit” so its just the type of Yoga I like and I really really like the person who teaches it. Which is good because I was actually was thinking about paying for a Yoga studio in the town over for me because they offer “Yoga for Runners” on Monday nights.  When I went to the site, they stopped offering that class… So Fit Yoga it is for now.

Tuesday: 3.1 Mile run on the treadmill. I totally forgot what pace I was going. I need to figure out how to use my Garmin to track this!

Today (Wednesday)

First off…This is why I love my gym…. What New Years Eve Resolution’s people? Granted this was taken at 5:55AM this morning I got in a few minutes before the 6:00AM “crowd” gets there. But this is why its great becoming a morning person…. It takes a lot for a New Years Eve Resolution’s person to get there before 6:00AM.  The most trouble I run in? The other morning I almost had to use an older treadmill instead of newer ones… almost.

Anyway this morning was 4.0 Miles on the treadmill. I honestly forget what I was doing this morning as far as pace. I think I started around 9:05 minute mile pace. Then around mile 2 I switched it to about an 8:57 mile pace and went back and forth between 9:05 and 8:57 throughout Mile 2 and Mile 3 and then I think I went up again? I forget. Anyway it felt good!

Speaking of the Garmin the other day I connected to the “Garmin Connect”. I am not sure if you have a Garmin watch.. but if you do and have not download this yet I highly recommend it. It keeps track of all your runs for you. I was doing this manually in an excel spread sheet. (Yes I am crazy and track all my runs in excel…). So yes. Check out Garmin Connect. Very cool.

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