What you learn…

This past weekend was a whirlwind with weather. Saturday felt like a heatwave…. at 30 degrees. The thing is, I am not even kidding.  I was debating back and forth on going to my class on Saturday or going for my long run on Saturday. I knew the weather was going to take the turn for the worst Sunday.

Well I choose the class, which I was happy I did because it was a really good workout.

I was not to happy with myself Sunday. IT WAS COLD. When I got back from my run and I checked out my weather app it said “feels like 1 degree”…. I felt a little crazy for attempting this. But the 7 miles needed to get done and 7 miles on the treadmill sounded like cruel and usual punishment.

It was a very slow run.  Something you learn as a runner is the reason in which town officials demand that residents clean off their sidewalks. Another thing you learn is that people who live in your town do not listen to that advice. A couple of times I had to stop and walk to avoid a disaster.  Also as runner you learn the importance of Under Armor. See I had Under Armor long sleeve top on, but just my running leggings on the bottom…. It is not easy to run when you can not feel your lower half. 
With that being said my spits were as following… 
Mile 1: 9:56
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 10:30
Mile 4: 9:38 
Mile 5: 10:12
Mile 6: 10:14
Mile 7: 10:10 
… after my run I headed to Sports Authority to buy Under Armor for my legs. As well as a compression sleeve, because it does not make sense to sell compression sleeves as a pair. You know two legs but they sell them singles. I did not realize until I came home with the first one. Another thing you learn as a runner. Sleeve, not Sleeves. 
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2 Responses to What you learn…

  1. two birds says:

    you are so dedicated…i love that! and yes, people who don't shovel can ruin a run for anyone!

  2. Sara Flynn says:

    hahaha thanks…..! I think maybe crazy should be used too!

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