Running like a Girl

This polar vertex crap is keeping me indoors! I was convincing myself to start running outside again this week but with feels like -22 degrees that would not be happening.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 3.1 mile run with a cool-down.

Wednesday: This quick workout I got from Carrots N Cake. 

I was going to kill my friends *I love them* but they started texting uncontrollably around the time I was at 7.5 and it was interrupting my music. I need to fix that… ! It was kind of a workout buzz kill because I was so frustrated with it. BUT I got through! I really enjoyed this workout. Challenging and I normally would never going to 7.5 so it felt good to get some speed in. 
Thursday: Body Sculpt class.
Today is Friday and it is an off day! TGIF!!
This week I finished Running like a Girl. It was soooo good! She is so funny, and pretty much just like me. I could relate to her a lot! 🙂 I loved this quote at the beginning of one of her chapters… 

I been really enjoying reading before going to bed. Aside from Tuesdays… I just end up watching TVs shows that I do not care about before sleep…. I been finding reading a lot more enjoyable.

So the question is what do I read next?!

 I started Born to Run and its good so far but I am not sure I am in the mood for another running book right away. I am thinking of Mindy’s Book or a book on Francona  hmmmmm

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