Favorite Pasta Recipe

I think my body is starting to get use to getting up so early. The past couple of weeks when my alarm goes off at 5:15 I don’t feel like death which is nice. I normally get out of bed around 5:30 but I feel like I am going to make it a goal get up closer to when my alarm actually goes off.

Anyway this morning I got in a quicker 5K in yesterday.

I ran on an .05% incline the entire time… and if I remember correctly it went something like this 

Mile 1: 6.6 mph for about an 9:05 Pace 
Mile 2  6.7 mph for about an 8:57 pace 
Mile 3.80 mph  6.8 for about an 8:49 pace 
Mile 3 for (.20 miles) to mile 4 (.20 Miles) at an 6.9 mph for an 8:42 pace 

Last night I made this amazing pasta recipe from Prevention RD. I do not believe I have shared it before because I gobble it down before I can even take a picture. This was from lunch leftovers.  I like it because its cheesy (my favorite) but has spinach and tomatoes too… yum!

Actually I was reading the Runners World Cookbook last night and I was so excited when I saw this…

Yesterday I had one of each Category expect for Blue and Purple (even the examples given)… Tomatoes, Mangoes, Avocados, and a Banana. 
Seriously.. I am in love with this cookbook! Tonight I am trying for the second time  to cook with seafood… should be interesting….

Now its time for walk to Dunks… it is seriously so nice out for January!

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