Today I wanted to be able to do an interval workout… but I definitely did not get out of bed in time to pull that off. The workout I wanted to do is 37 minutes long plus 5 minute cool down so around 42 minutes on the treadmill… I ended up on the treadmill for 33 minutes this morning. I am thinking MAYBE Friday I will go to the gym. Friday’s are normally my off day, but I took Sunday and Monday off so I could make up for not doing long run Sunday by doing a longish run on Friday on the treadmill and keeping it interesting with an interval workout… we shall see… I tell myself this every week I take both Sunday and Monday off and it does not happen. 😉

Although…now I look back at this morning… 10 minutes would have not killed me in my morning schedule… oh well.

Anyway… So what I did instead was I ran 3.2 miles. Around Mile .50 miles I thought to myself lets make this interesting so I increased the Incline to 1%. Which is not anything outstanding but it definitely added to the intensity!

Mile 1= 0.5 miles at 0% incline at 6.7mph then 0.5 miles with at 1% incline at 6.7mph
Mile 2= Full mile at 1% incline at 6.8mph
Mile 3= Full mile at 1% incline at 6.9mph
The last 0.20 miles = 0.20 miles at 1% incline at 7.0mph (I felt like I was sprinting! BUT It felt awesome!)

According to this pace converter it ends up being

Mile 1= 8:57
Mile 2= 8:49
Mile 3= 8:42
the last .20 miles= 8:34

Which seems a bit off from what the treadmill was telling me what mph= pace was but oh well…

Oh… also found a new breakfast. I can eat the same breakfast for like week straight and then out of no where I get sick of it! I did not want oatmeal again this weekend… so I went with this..

I bring about 4-5 strawberries/2 tablespoons of almond butter and Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat English Muffins… it tastes like peanut butter and jelly. So good! 

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One Response to Incline.

  1. two birds says:

    Yum! That breakfast looks so good!

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