Revised Training…

I am not really sure I what I was thinking when I put that plan together ha-ha… That would be WAY to hard to maintain. I think when I put it together… I was thinking… When am I going to swim? So I had to include it in there… weirdo.

I revised my training plan a bit and here it is….

Its its basically what the Hal Higdon Training program recommends here and here. I just made two modifications. One I really like my body sculpt class in the morning so I am keeping that on Thursday and Sunday mornings! I decided I can swim some Saturdays instead of my class and some Wednesdays instead of my run if I feel like it.

I am also going to need to be flexible. If the weather calls for a beautiful Saturday and a like -2 degree Sunday I am going to flip my long run to Saturday and do a swim on Sunday instead. I also changed what I would for a run on Thursdays. Doing a 5 mile run after already working out that day seems a bit extreme. When I was training for my 10k I would do a small run after I got home from work and it really fit in well! 🙂

So I hope it works. I would be really nervous only running 10 miles as my longest run before the race… although I am sure it would be fine. If I can run 10 miles then I probably could run 13.2! 🙂 So I decided the plan increasing per mile by week would be best. I am also a little nervous only running over 3 miles one other day of the week. BUT if the increasing the miles each weak becomes harder then I will revisit.

I just need to trust the training! I remember while the 10k training hurt at times my body always felt ready for the next step. 🙂

So so far this is it…. until I change my mind again!

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One Response to Revised Training…

  1. nice job on creating a plan that you know will work for you based on past experience! Like you said now it's about trusting it which is the part where we end up swapping plans and then not getting the results…um been there!!

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