Running With a View

Okay finally getting caught up to this week!

Last week I was on a off site meeting in Beverly, MA from Tuesday- Friday so my schedule was a little off because of getting ready for it and just life… but anyway…

Apparently I got the awesome room!

Monday: OFF no Yoga.  (packed for the trip, ect)

Tuesday: OFF (had to get up early for the first day of meetings/no time in the evening for a run)

Wednesday: I got up early before all the meetings started and went for a run! 3.80 mile in 36.03 minutes with a average pace of 9.29.

Mile 1: 9:21
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 9:22
Mile 4: 9:17

This has to be one the most beautiful runs I have been on..view of the ocean? NOW that is running with a view.


Thursday: Same route for a run except I went with one of my co-workers. He was faster then I was so I was trying my hardest to keep up.  I finished 4 miles in 35.50 minutes with an 8.55 pace.

Mile 1: 9:23
Mile 2: 8:59
Mile 3: 8:34
Mile 4: 8:53

This nearly killed me, but it was awesome to know I could run at that pace! 🙂 Running with someone who is faster then you is a great way to get you moving past your comfort zone.

Not only did I got for some runs in the morning… a few co workers of mine and I took some walks during breaks… here are our views of our walks. It was a 1.50 mile loop.

From another walk that was about a mile long…

Friday: OFF but took an 2.50 mile walk when I got home. 
Saturday: OFF: no excuses expect being lazy 
Sunday: Off because I went to the Patriots Game!!
Jon and I’s favorite place in Waltham, Jocos was having a raffle for some Patriots tickets they had, and I won!! Jon couldn’t and didn’t really want to go and my friend Theresa is a giant Patriots fan so I bought her! 

My winnings… 

At the Game!

Not bad seats huh?

Again. I love Sundays.

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