Power to the She

Ah. Athleta… this may be my new store of weakness… I pretty much love everything… but its so dang expensive too! I never understood spending full price on workout gear that’s more than like 30 bucks…. you are just going to sweat in it.. sigh

I saw online that Athleta had swim suit sport bras… I am going to Saco Maine this weekend for a canoeing trip and thought one of these may be helpful. They were on sale online so I thought why not go in to the store today and look. Well when I got there the sale stuff was 50% off.. so of course I had to do more shopping right?
Well.. I found what I was looking for and so much more…
The Bra….
Price? Originally $54.00, on Sale for $34.99 and then 50% of sale… price I paid: $17.49.
Then I saw a running tank I had been wanting for awhile…I actually tried this one on a few months ago and I loved it so much I had the thought of buying it full price. Crazy it was the only one left in the store and it was in my size and the color I want….

Price…Originally $49.00, on sale for $39.49… purchase price: $19.74

I was questioning if I should buy this one but I really liked it so I said why not….
Price: Originally 39.00 on sale for 29.99… purchase price: $15.00
The last one I couldn’t wait to put on…and this may be the bargain of the day

Originally 59.00 on sale for 22.99 and price I paid: 11.50.  

So total break down… all the merchandise I purchased was worth $201 and I got it for $63.73. I saved $137.27 …Totally worth it right?

I loved my experience at this store. They also do Yoga lessons in the store as well where you can just show up. I believe its free. They have a Yoga Sculpt class coming up and I have been wanting to take a Yoga Sculpt class since I head about it from Fit Foodie Finds
I will be back!
What is your favorite store for running/yoga gear? I own nothing of LuLu Lemon,,, can you believe that?
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One Response to Power to the She

  1. two birds says:

    So awesome! Such great deals. I love getting new workout clothes!

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