Girls weekend

My girlfriends and I plan two weekends in a year where we make a pledge to all get together. Once during the summer and for the holidays…

The past two years for our beach get together it as rained… but we make the most of it anyways!

How did we do it this year? A trip to Ikea! I needed a rug for my living room and everyone else wanted to look around, it was two of my friends first experiences! Can you believe that!?

I found my rug!

And some really ugly lamps…

And some cute tables.. .
And I pretty much want to live in this room… 
Looked at some baby stuff for Ann…
And found this AMAZING work from home desk… can you imagine if that were your office?
We got to the beach a little bit on Saturday.. but it was chilly! So we just sat around in our sweatshirts and watched the waves roll in for about an hour or so… 
And did some yoga on the beach or attempted too! 
Then we made some fancy dinner plans…

I got goat cheese stuffed raviolis.. YUM
After the dinner… 

We can really eat and drink! 

Sunday morning was a BEACH day… So we got some beach time in before we all parted to get home and back to reality.. 

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3 Responses to Girls weekend

  1. two birds says:

    whata fun trip!! and look at the hotties in the bikinis!!

  2. Jenn says:

    Looks like you had fun!!! Love ikea, my rug in the living room is that first one with the flower design! Love it!

  3. Sara Flynn says:

    Hey Jen! That's for the comment! That is the one I have as well. To funny! 🙂

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