IF you follow me on instagram you know that I was on Vacation last week. It was the first time I look a full weeks vacation in my career… and oh how I was disappointment to be home..

We started out the week in Wildwood, NJ and ended it in Philadelphia for a Phillies vs. Braves game, and some wings at one of my old favorite joints from when I lived there….

Here are a few snap shots from the trip!

Had to find the first Wawa in sigh… 
Wildwood NJ…. 
Were we spent most of our days…. 

We would go the the beach…
then we would get rained on… 
We ate alot of junk food but one night we found someplace that served us a decent meal.. my favorite vacation dinner? Swordfish. Yum.
Hotel In Philly (The Hyatt at the Bellevue).. This may have been one of my favorite hotels I have ever stayed at. We got a complimentary glass of wine when we came in. The hotel room was beautiful, clean, bed was amazing.  The complementary breakfast was amazing as well. To put the icing on the cake you get to use their gym facility which is fitness club in Center City Philadelphia. I swam in their pool and it was pretty awesome. Expect I had a really bad swim! I am used to swimming with all the older folks at my gym using the kick boards, the people at this gym where like the real deal! ha-ha and I had to share a lane, which I hate.

  Now it is pricey, I got my stay through this discount program rolled out at work just before I booked the vacation but I would recommend it! Oh and great location too..

Braves vs Phillies game (Go Phillies! ) I am an horrible girlfriend because Jon is a Braves fan… his birthday gift this year was the trip to Philly to see his first ever braves game! I was happy, Phillies won, but Jon was sad. He found it really cook to see Citizens Bank Park though. We want to take a beach vacation to south NJ again and go to Baltimore next year. My dream forever has been to visit Camden Yards for a Red Sox game.
Worlds best wings… and its a true story too.


How was your Fourth of July?

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