The Paper Bag Lunch

I struggle of what to bring to work for lunch for breakfast and lunch… more so Lunch. One of the reasons I started to get motivated to eat healthier and start to work out more is because I gained weight and I think my work lunch was a big factor. Everyday I hate those “smart ones” or some version of a frozen lunch meal. They are tasty but so over processed and so so so munch sodium.

So once I kicked that habit I just started to do left overs for lunch. Which is so so. BUT I wanted a lunch that’s a bit more on the lighter side… and then I stumbled on the blog and she spoke to me. She has snacks and lunches for people on the go. (AKA… ME and you!)

Anyway I made her Feta Hummus Wrap. 

Its a little extra time in the morning to make but so worth it! Also to try to save some Avocado I cut up half of it in the morning then left the other half in a bag with lemon juice on it to preserve it! Ya making Avocados go further… 
Oh and Yesterday I received my first Boston Strong apparel. I may or may not have gone over board with buying this bracelet and 3 Boston Strong T shirts, but it all goes to the one fund so its totally worth it. 
Get Boston Strong Here and Here  or donate directly here 

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