Its Like Trying To Find a Treadmill in the Rain

Jon and I have been going to the gym a lot less lately because its been decent out and we have been running outside. With that being said it for sure still need to get warmer here. It was so gross out today, cold, windy, rainy, just blah, but I knew I needed to run today.

Well lesson learned that on days like today the gym is packed. I am apart of the “after work crowd” and all of my favorite treadmills were taken up… Seriously trying to find a treadmill in the rain is like that saying “its like trying to find a cab in the rain”

I had to use one of the fancy ones with the screen. I hate trying to get used to a new machine… but it as actually not that bad. Ran 3 miles again without stopping! 🙂

Getting there, I am going to start to train for a 10K (I think….) my plan to come soon!

Wow. Watching the Bruins game and the Flyers Charities 50/50 Raffle is going to One Fund Boston. They hit $85,000. Flyers are near and dear to my heart because I interned with them after graduating college. The Flyers are part of the reason why I love hockey so much. Flyers fans are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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