Weekend Running

First off. I am so happy that justice will is going to find the Boston Bombers… and I wanted to say Thank You to all the first responders on Monday as well as all the surrounding Policemen and women, FBI agents who helped get this guy and bring him to Justice.

Friday was a strange day. As I wrote I woke up to the news, and I was honestly completely confused and took me awhile to understand the timeline of events that unfolded that day. Jon and I both were not in our respective offices on Friday because we live in one of the bordering towns of Watertown and were ordered a stay in place shelter. We watched WBZ from 6:30 am to probably midnight. I must say even though the media outlets were a cluster of reports coming out, some true, some not true, the Boston media did a really good job covering everything. I am really proud of my city that we have focused on so much more on coming together as a city, thanking the first responders and the police and FBI agents who kept us safe, and remembering the victims rather then focusing on the violence its self and the gruesome details. We have talked about the people who are responsible about this quite a bit but in more terms of Justice. 
Anyway..Friday was a very windy day, and at one point when I was home all the recycling and trash blew over. Jon was sleeping on the couch and I went to go pick it up…. and then it hit me “say if he knocked it down himself so I would open up the door?” those were the kind of thoughts that ran through my head all day. When the Stay in place shelter was lifted we wanted to leave the house so badly, but I was so scared too, and I was so scared to stay  as well. It wasnt the best of feelings knowing that either choice he is still out there. I was even contemplating driving to my parents house to sleep there. Just as we were getting to leave to go get dinner reports came out that they found him and little whiles later they officially captured him. I don’t think ill ever forget this experience..
BUT as the weekend unfolded it was good just to be in my community… we probably could have cooked at home a bit more but this weekend was good just be be with the people in your town. 
Saturday Jon and I went out for a run around our neighborhood, which is not easy let me tell you. Hills, Hills, Hills… 

Cat 5 Climb – These rated climbs are the least difficult of all the categorized climbs. The exactly same methodology is used in determining their difficulty as Cat 4 climbs but they the least difficult of all the rated climbs. All climb scores are based on distance, grade/elevation change, and maximum elevation. 
We ran 3.38 miles in 43.39 minutes.
When Sunday came around Jon had softball game at 11:00 and Bruins game was on at 12:30pm so I definitely wasn’t going to miss that… so I went to the Gym before the Bruins game and it was one of my best runs yet. For the first time ever I ran 3 miles without stopping. Yes!! 

Its crazy how close the Jawbone Up band really is. Every once in awhile it will be completely off… its more off when I do running on the road and I know I have gone like x amount of miles and the up band will record less. Its strange here it recorded more but I feel like the band is probably more accurate because it records your movement and the treadmill records the treadmills movement …
How was your weekend?
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