Locked In

This morning I woke up and per normal I checked my social media accounts to see if there was an update on the stuff that has been happening in Boston lately. What I found was a friend who lives in watertown saying “subway and commuter rail suspended” say what?!?! In my half alsep mode I switched over to twitter to read whats going on “100 new tweets sense 10:00pm” 

uh oh.
Then my friend Theresa called and I was like I just woke up what is happening!? Then she told me.. holy crap. 
So where I live in one of the areas that have been locked down… and Jon and I have just been waiting to be able to leave and for all of this to be over….
In waiting I made some pizza…
It was from an Zuchinni Cheesy Pizza…  Eat Live Run. One of my favorite food blogs. Check it out.
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5 Responses to Locked In

  1. two birds says:

    i hope you can leave soon, which is to say i hope they catch that &&%^%$#& soon.

  2. S❥r❥h says:

    Gorgeous blog. Would you like to follow eachother on bloglovin?

    <3 Sarah
    Closet Checklist

  3. Such a scary day it was, and so odd being stuck inside feeling unsafe all day! Glad you are ok ❤

  4. Sara Flynn says:

    Thank you Emily! Boston Strong!

  5. Sara Flynn says:

    Thank you! So glad they caught him. Boston Strong!

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