Boston Strong

So Yesterday. Where do I even begin? It was kind of a wild ride in Boston media. There were reports that they caught the man responsible for the tragic events Monday, then those reports were false. Then thousands of people went to the court house to watch the events unfold, and then there was a bomb scare at the court house.

It was actually kind of emotionally exhausting.. and pretty much all day I just wanted to go home and watch the Bruins.
Before the Bruins game I was down on my steps like woah, I knew that I needed to go for a run. 
Of course on our run I supported my team and my city! 
Not that good of a run, so much so I had to go for two walks around my neighborhood to get to 10,000 steps…

 Then I was really bad because we ordered pizza out instead of cooking at home, but it was one of those nights I just needed comfort food. 

If you missed the game and the per game ceremony, just wow.  You need to watch it here. I may or may have not already watched it 3 or 4 times already. They lost, but my favorite player had quite a game (Andrew Ference).  I am disappointed they lost but they got the extra point to clinch the a playoff spot, and the support the teams showed for the city meant more then the W for the night. 
This was my support for Boston outfit for watching the game. Don’t worry I didn’t leave the house like this!  
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One Response to Boston Strong

  1. two birds says:

    i can't believe how crazy everything is today…i will continue to watch the news to see what happens.

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