Boston, you are my home.

Monday I woke up full of jealously. Jealously of what? Every Patriots Day I wake up thinking “Sara you should have taken today off!” and up to 3:00 on Monday I kept thinking about that…

Well I am sure you have heard about the tragic events that happened Boston during the Marathon.  I was sitting at work and I got a call from my friend Adrian, normally I do not answer calls from friends during work but she rarely can even check her email at work so just instinctively I picked up. In a quite voice she asked “when is the last time you heard from Theresa” (our friend who went into Boston to watch the Marathon). I was like umm I am not sure why? she sounded pissed…..

My thoughts where oh boy, what did Theresa do!? My friend Adrian said “bomb” and “marathon’ and I thought Theresa and/or her friends tried to photo bomb the Marathon, those were my initial thoughts…  Not saying my friend Theresa is a lush and gets drunk and in trouble- because she doesn’t  but my mind couldn’t even imagine something like this happening in BOSTON during the MARATHON…

Cell Phone service was down,  but I still tried to call and text my friend….Nothing.  I had my other friends calling me at work because out of our group of close friends I am probably the one that goes in Boston the most/lives the closest so they were worried about me, and some knew Theresa was going in some where worried about her. Thankfully I am friendly with a lot of her co-workers who were with her and connected to them via Facebook and got the word they were okay.

 BUT she was at the finish line just at 10:30 that morning….

(Picture via my friend Theresa)
Last night I got very little sleep….. 
I guess I felt, empty and numb. I wasn’t even sure what to think as I lied in my bed unable to process what happened.  Awake at 1:30am, wondering how to get my mind to settled down just enough for me to sleep I realized I wanted to change my Facebook picture to a picture of Boston. I know? that’s dumb right? BUT on the quest to find the perfect background picture to my Facebook page started to look at some of the pictures I have taken of Boston over the past few years…

(This one taken from a Boston beach with Theresa last summer..)


(Us at the Beach in Boston last summer)

Those are just a few of my favorite, after scrolling through some pictures and reliving how beautiful Boston is the numbness and emptiness faded away and I just felt compassion and strength that Boston will get through this and only become stronger.

You want to know the real crazy feeling? When I see these types of events happen in other cities and I see them going to public events and selling out I think to myself I would never go to that event, I would be so scared something would happen again!

When it happens so close to you, you want to go. I am not sure if its out or pride, anger or the over whelming feeling of wanting to support.  I wish I was going to the Bruins game tomorrow night and even more crazy, I want to try to train for a Marathon in a year. I want to run for the victims and help them raise money to live with their new disabilities….  we will see. I am scared I am not physically able to run it.

Right how I am watching the Red Sox game, the New York crowed singing Sweet Caroline, wow. Thank you New York for your support. 

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One Response to Boston, you are my home.

  1. two birds says:

    keep training, you will be able to do it. there is something about running a marathon, and the crowd and the pride that keeps you going. i'm so happy you and your friends are all ok.

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