Healthy Heart Trail and Tails

So its been awhile sense the last time I have posted. What have I been up too? Well I have completed some runs outside… and let me tell you its A LOT harder then working out on the treadmill for me at least.

So last weekend we dog sat, it was so much fun. We dog sit for Jon’s brother and his wife’s dog sometimes, his name is Enzo and he is adorable, and also afraid of everything. 
We wanted to run around the Charles River on Saturday (It was so nice out this past weekend) but the surrounding area was a little to busy with people for Enzo, so instead we went to the dog park and we had a great time with him. 
We did an 3.03 mile run on Saturday in 48 minutes. I KNOW but we had a dog with us and running outside with a dog is not an easy task.
Anyway here are some pictures from the run…


Enzo waiting for his run in the car. 
Jon didn’t want Enzo to be alone in the back, so me made me play chauffeur…
Enzo found a look alike friend! 
The green line was a “Healthly Heart Trail” we followed throughout the park. It was just about a mile long at .75 miles. I looked this up I guess there are a bunch of “Healthy Heart Trails” in Massachusetts  I have to visit more of these. 
Trails are the heart of our parks and DCR wants them to be the heart of a healthy lifestyle. Statewide, over 70 trails will be designated in the hope that Massachusetts residents will make them part of their regular exercise routine. Healthy Heart trails will be identified by a green heart symbol, will measure approximately 1.5 miles or less in length, and are easy to moderate in activity level. The program offers a great way to have fun and get exercise in a low cost way! 

If you live in MA check them out!

Enzo walking Jon… (yes I do mean the dog walking the human)
I am in love with my shoes, what can I say…

Running with Enzo… (Jon always gets his figures in the way of pictures!! GRR him)

This dog was in love with Enzo, he kept coming up to Enzo to play. 
Enzo making friends…. lol he is quite confused by this dog.

Tuckered out after a long day at the dog park. His thoughts in this picture are  “Man I wish I wasn’t so tired, I would really like to chew up this blanket right now”

On Sunday we did a 3.02 mile run in the same park in 51 minutes. Its not easy running on the road two days in a row, let me tell you that! 

Do you find it easier to run on the road or treadmill?
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