B. Good

Last night I worked at the Gap, and I asked the boyfriend to go on an impromptu date with me too B. Good. We have tried their food once when we were shopping at the Legacy Place and I forgot how good it is, also I did not appreciate it as much as I did yesterday.  

SO in the quest to get to “sixty” in my health one of my goals is to eat cleaner and more healthy overall.  Its hard to do that when you work two jobs sometimes. On Mondays and at times Thursdays I go from my full time job to Gap, and have an half hour to grab a bite to eat (aka dinner), this normally means some version of fast food, and I HATE fast food. 

At the Burlington mall I have many options. Normally  I go to Au Bon Pain, but even though like Panera they advertise themselves “natural sandwiches” and the look and feel feels like you would be eating healthy… WRONG. Not so much… (unless you eat 1/2 of the sandwich). I have also tried eating at Chick-fil-A, which I sworn I would NEVER eat there because of their public stance on certain subjects, but I needed a less expensive place to eat and I was craving chicken nuggets like woah so one day I tried it.  BUT every time I tried to gobble something down in my half hour break before my shift at Gap, I went to Gap with a full on food baby and felt so bloated and gross…. I blamed it just because I ate to fast. 

But yesterday I had enough, I didn’t want anything form Au Bon Pain and I really hate spending money at Chick-fil-A and also didn’t want that type of fast food, I wanted something good, but it had to be fast.  SO I looked on Google maps on the sounding area and I saw B. Good, looked at their menu, and thought perfect, EXACTLY what I am looking for, then asked my boyfriend on an impromptu date because he passes it on the way home from work. 


Jon at B. Good….I don’t think be appreciates it when I hate pictures of him eating his burger! 😉

Whats so great about this place? So many many many things. Lets start off with the menu. My boyfriend loves burgers, I? Do not eat red meat but love Veggie Burgers, Turkey Burgers or Chicken Sandwiches well this place has them all. Its better they Five Guys because the cater to people like my boyfriend but also they cater to people like me, the veggie burger is actually a veggie burger, and not a hamburger bum with veggies inside of it, seriously that is not a veggie burger people. 

So I got the Veggie burger made as “COUSIN OLIVER” with a side of sweet potato fries! Wow it was so good! 

Veggie Burger Made as Cousin Oliver Nutritional Facts 
Unsat: 7
Sat: 1
Calories: 410
Carbs: 68
Protein: 15
(Au Bon Pain Black Bean Burger: Cals: 690 Sat: 8g, Carbs: 76g, Protein,: 32g)
The packet fries come it give you the nutritional facts for regular fries, these weren’t applied to me because I got the sweet potato ones but Jon got the regular.
Sweet Potato Fries 
Unsat: 9
Sat: 2
Calories: 297
Carbs: 45
Protein: 4
Actually a funny conversation happened speaking of these fries….
Jon: Well I would feel a lot better about eating here and eating this burger but of course I had to get fries….
Me: The fries here are only 300 ish Calories… 
Jon: Really!? Wow that’s awesome. 
So you may be asking yourself what really makes place so awesome you are writing all this about it? Well they use local ingredients, from farmers in New England. For example I got a veggie burger with swiss cheese on it and this is what the website says about their swiss cheese… Smoked Swiss -(Pineland Farms Creamery – New Gloucester, ME) – hormone-free pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, cheese cultures, natural wood smoked. 

Throughout the restaurant there are little reminders that they get their ingredients from local farmers this was one of them…. 

Its crazy, well maybe not, but at least my body, and Jon’s too can tell this place just uses better ingredients  When I went to Gap I didn’t have the food baby belly but I was full. I felt a good full but not that you cant move because your stomach is full of gasses full, and that’s how I like to feel after I eat.  Its nice to eat, quick, good and affordable and your body not to be mad at you! 

Just a picture of how they organize their ingredients…  
So if you live in the New England area I would highly recommend this place! And if you don’t I would recommend trying this place when you visit…  🙂
OH! One more thing. You may be sitting their and saying to yourself that’ts great Sara but I can not have Gluten… thanks for thinking about me! They have GF buns so you can enjoy a turkey Burger, real burger, or chicken burger yourself as well! 
Oh to top it off… this was super nice.

Does your local areas have a fast food restaurant like B. Good? Do you notice a difference and how you feel after you eat at a place like B.Good?

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3 Responses to B. Good

  1. two birds says:

    what a great place! i wish they had those near me!!

  2. Sara Flynn says:

    It was amazing, if you ever visit MA you should try it then! 🙂

  3. Z says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE B Good. Their seasonal special with avocado and sriracha slaw is life-changing. I actually did a writeup of B Good back on my blog (several posts back, or the most recent in my 'what's your beef' tag) and yours is so thorough! glad you found an awesome option :]

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