Swimming & Workout Logg

I have started running a lot last week and its felt good. My goal is to be able to complete a 5K in 30 minutes…. and I have made some progress.

Thursday’s run….(Ignore what the UP band recorded, it was a little off) My comment on my workout is what the treadmill said.


Fridays Run….


On Friday I finally got around to calibrating my Up Band. What does that mean? well before I went for a run on Friday I walked around the parking lot and logged it in my band as timed workout. What that does is it helps the band record your steps and pace better. As you can tell from my Thursday to Friday workout it really started recording my workouts and steps a lot better. My Friday run matched what its said on the treadmill pretty much exactly. The treadmill on Friday read 276 Calories, 3.18 Miles, and 37 minutes.

So the only sport that I did growing up that I really liked was swimming. I do not know what it is about the pool, and swimming laps, but it just feels natural to me and I love it.  Saturday I was a little out of it, and my body felt like jello from running so much…..so I decided a swim may be better for me. I loved it.

This was my swim work out.

500 ft of Free Style
200 ft of Butterfly (Oh My God is this hard!)
700 ft of Breast Stroke
300 ft of Back
…. totally in 1700 ft swimming, which isn’t that much but its a start! (I also want to conduct some research on how much calories your burn during each stroke… so that to come!)

Do you like swimming? What workouts do you do in the pool?

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