I know I start a new blog and I already suck at updating. My life lately as been kind off off schedule. I had last Friday off which was awesome. I went shopping at legacy place and got a lot of cute stuff which I am excited about. I probably got like $300 bucks worth of merchandise and spend maybe $60 of my own money because of gift cards and sales. IT WAS AWESOME.

Anyway… I have bunch of things I want to blog a bout but if you follow me on  I tried a couple of smoothies this weekend and I feel the need to tell you about one.

Its called the Hungover Hero, I found it over at Supper Skinny Me. Its amazing….

1 teaspoon of Ginger 
2 teaspoons of Almond Butter 
1 Banana 
1/2 cup of plain low fat greek yogert 
1/2 cup pomegranate juice (I went to CVS and couldn’t find any so I used Starbucks Spritzer Pomegranate flavor instead, not as nutrious but if you are using it as a hungover hero it has caffeine! 
Ice Cubes (of course!)
Blend and enjoy- it would be a great breakfast on the go as well! 

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