Getting Real

So now that I have signed up for a 5K I need to get real about training. I have read 5K training methods  and I try to stay with them but then when I get going I start running more and then taking smaller breaks, which I guess is good! 
This was my workout today. I was pretty satisfied with it. If I remember correctly (which may not happen!) 
This is how my workout went…
 3:00 minute walk/jog 
3:00 minutes running, 
 1:00 minute jog/walk 
7:00 minutes running 
1:00 minute jog/walk
2:00 minute running (got a really bad cramp)
1:00 minute walk
12:00 minutes running (throughout this I started at a treadmill speed of 6.0 and by the end of this stretch I was at a 5.5) 
Cool Down with some heavy jogging at start then slowed down for 7 minutes. 
I completed 3 miles in 34 minutes. Some work to do for my goal of an 5K in 30 minutes, but today’s workout made me feel confident that I will get there but at least July 27th! 
When I got home I started dinner which was Black Bean & Zucchini Quesadillas… it was good, easy and super fast to make, and low on calories. Score. I found it here.  so you can go get the recipe if you want.  I added a sweet potato from a steamers bag, probably wont do that again it was just okay.  BUT highly recommend the Quesadillas. 

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