So I am pretty much in love with blogs and have wanted to start my own for quite some time now.  The thing is I live a pretty boring life.  Awhile back I started a fashion blog, but the thing is I do not know a thing about fashion. I learned a lot about it, and it was fun, but I wanted something that was a bit more me. I thought about keeping up with my sports blog- but it just hasn’t been happening.

For awhile I thought I had nothing to blog about, but a couple of months ago my Boyfriend and I joined a gym. One week I made the decision, its time to get my ass off the couch, and I am so glad I did.

See I reached a point in my life where I felt not so hot about myself. As far as my health/weight ect I was headed in the wrong direction. I have never been that type of person that went to the gym everyday, but to be honest, I didn’t really need to. I mean I never looked in shape, I always had a little bulge but I looked “normal” I would say. I have always been a “healthy weight” so I was never really motivated to get “in shape”.

Freshman Year (2004)

In college I was content with my body image, I wasn’t overly concerned, but I knew I could feel better. My senior year (2009) I started off the year with going to the gym pretty much daily, and I realized how just a little exercise in my life made a huge impact on my body. Then my senior year picked up I was juggling part time job, full load of classes, and an internship. So only after about maybe a month/month and a half I stopped going to the gym.

Senior Year Spring Break
Senior Year Fall 

Fast forward to a few years later and its 2013. Today I am working full time, and have a part time job at the Gap. I live with my boyfriend Jon, hes pretty much adorable and he makes me laugh ever single day, even if I am mad at him! (I hate it when he does that (not really ;)). In 2012/2013 I started seeing changes in my body. I started to fit in a size up better then my normal sizes and it kind of hit me. My body was not the same as it used to be, and I miss those days.  I knew that I could stop this progression today or let it get worse and worse and worse. Cause lets face it, at the age of 27 I am still young but old enough were I can not just rely on my young metabolism to keep me were I want to be.


June 2012
July? 2012
New Years: 2013 (No gym membership couple when this was taken)

The idea of living a healthier lifestyle always intrigued me. I looked up to those who ate well and worked out. I always had the idea that a few lifestyle choices I made were enough. I do not eat red meat (I miss meatballs like woah) and I do not drink soda very often at all. In my head I thought I lived a pretty healthy lifestyle.

Then a product changed my life (Jawbone UP- Ill feature this in my next post) and I started tracking my foods, and I realized I could be eating a lot better and moving a lot more. So with that brings to today, I am working out and trying to eat healthier.

Bruins Game: Feb 2013 

Syracuse Game: March 2013

Oh… and Jon? he as already lost 20lbs!

So with all that being said- this blog is my journal of learning. I am by NO MEANS an expert, actually I would consider myself the opposite of that. The meaning of my blog is where I am at now “Zero” in terms of my physical ability, strength and how healthy I think my diet is. My goal is to be at “Sixty”. I am not sure what that means yet…but I guess that’s what this blog is about.

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