Jawbone Up

For Christmas this year Jon got me a product that seriously changed my life. If you haven’t heard of Jawbone UP its a bracelet that tracks your steps, you can record your food intake, work outs, and also has a smart alarm.  I am pretty much in love with the device…

Jawbone Up

So I am going to go through my daily tracking.

So first thing is first the Up Band is a pedometer.  It tracks your amount of steps that you take each day, and its quite a tool for motivation. Each day your suppose to walk 10,000 steps and when you purchase the band that is what your step goal is, you can change your settings if you would like.

As you can see I have a guy running, that is because with the UP band you also can track your workouts. First you set your band to “track workout” then you begin. Saturday I was proud of myself. I worked at the Gap and my shift started at 11:30. Old Sara would have been like “SCORE I get to sleep in” but on Saturday I got myself up out of bed at 8:30 and went for a 3 mile run on the treadmill  I am still new at the treadmill.  BUT this is my logged workout. My goal is to do 10 minute miles, I want to be able to complete a 5K in 30-35 minutes.

Saturday I was really good at tracking my food intake. On my lunch break at Gap I decided to eat at Au Bon Pain. What I hate about places like that is you assume all is healthy. Well, I choose one of the healthier options listed here  and when he says only eat 1/2 of sandwich  really only eat half. I typed in the full sandwich (Turkey Swiss) before I ate and was discussed with how many calories, and how much sodium I was going to add in just one sitting. So I only ate half, and took the other half home for Sunday in case I wanted it then. Then I had Spaghetti Squash Melody for dinner and it was AMAZING.

I know… Sara your sugar intake for the day was like way to much. Turns out once ice tea can really kill your recommended sugar intake for the day!

This is my sleep Thursday into Friday morning (I forgot to hit the button Friday into Saturday morning) was pretty awful. I almost neared 7 hours of sleep, and the recommend amount of sleep a night is 8 hours. BUT I love this bracelet because it tracks your “deep” and “light” sleep throughout the night. I would say its pretty accurate. Sometimes it counts steps when I reach for my alarm clock because it tracks sleep and steps through movement, but other than that, its very accurate.

So that is my tracking in a nutshell. I highly recommend Jawbone Up, its a life changer.  Is a larger percentage of why I am writing on this blog today. 

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