Blogger vs. WordPress

So I moved to WordPress expecting big things, but I must say I have been disappointed.

I like the way my blog looks better on WordPress and the design of it, but how you design your blog is very very very limited. I am a analytic freak and I can’t even use Google analytic’s.  This is because you can’t add in plug ins into a theme but have to use a theme in order not to spend upwards to $100 dollars on your blog…. um no.

I am not really expecting this blog to go anywhere, nor do I really want it to. If I pick up a few readers here and there that’s great! BUT if not… its really just to keep track of my stuff.

With that being said I am thinking about transferring back over to blogger.  There are design things that I am not to fond about blogger, but at least I get to do the majority what I want to do for free.  With WordPress, that is not the story. Its really kind of disappointing.

Anyway… maybe I am missing something about wordpress, but it really does seem quite limited if you are not willing to host your own domain through wordpress.

Womp. Womp.

For updates check back at my blogger blog Zero to Sixty. Thanks!

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The Ugly

The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I will write about them all on this blog, and this weekend was definitely the ugly.  On my birthday I started to feel a little under the weather, Jon had a cold and I was clearly getting it so by this weekend it was attacking my body full on.

The cold that has been going around is strange.  It’s like cough that comes from the lungs but it is a full on sinus infection as well with a little bit it of a fever.  Saturday night my eyes were so watery I could barely stand to keep them open watching the Olympics and went to bed around 11:00 on a Saturday night, for me that’s early.

So this weekend not only was I sick BUT the Olympics Men’s Hockey games were on at 7:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. So what did this all mean for workouts?

I had been debating going to my body sculpt class and missing the end of the game. BUT in reality who was I kidding, it was really not debate at all, was I really going to miss this game for my class, NO. Wow what a game it was. Oshie was unreal with getting what I believe was 4 out of 6 shots in the shoot-out. That does not happen. Well party because it is against the rules in the NHL but seriously that was so awesome to watch him do that.  I of course immediately looked him up after the game and he is a center so there is a very slim chance the Bruins would ever go after him. Center is the one position on the Bruins that we are pretty much set with.  BUT that game was crazy and so much fun to watch.

After watching the game Saturday Jon and I went to the gym together to do some strength training. I got about an hour or so in but it was nowhere near the level our teacher brings us to in class. BUT it was kind of nice creating my own routine and also nice to take it a bit easier do to the fact I wasn’t 100%.

On Sunday We woke up early again and watched the mens game. Sunday afternoon I attempted a run. I had 8 miles I was supposed to do Sunday but only did a 5k.  Let me tell you 22 degree weather + a cold + asthma does not = a good time to run.  It was ugly my friends it was ugly

Distance: 3.1 Miles
Time: 33.27
Average Pace: 10:47 min/mi
Calories Burned: 267

Mile 1: 10:18,
Mile 2: 10:58,
Mile 3: 10:54
Mile 4: (.10 miles):  12:17.

I got a pretty picture out of it though….


Seriously that was just embarrassing.  Running with a cold you have to stop a lot to get rid of some body fluids, and I also had to stop to catch my breath a lot. When I got home I felt like I ran 8 miles, and for someone who runs 3 miles a couple days of week, that’s when you know your body is not 100%.  With that being said I actually started to feel better throughout the day and was happy that I did it.  

Like I said it the last post, you have to listen to your body. Sometimes it’s hard to know before you started working out. Sunday I saw people running as I went to the grocery store and got supper jealous and was like you know what? I think I feel good enough to do this today. 8 miles, let’s go. As soon as I started I knew my body was not up for it. That’s okay though. It actually fit in well with my training plan.  Next weekend I was supposed to run a 5K race and no longer runs, so I am just going to switch up the weekends and say that was my 5k race.

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Weekly Update- February 10th

I hope everyone’s week went well. Mine was pretty awesome!! Although I JUST realized that I deleted my camera role (I seriously take way to many pictures) which had all my workout pictures that I had. I know you are missing out on really pretty treadmill pictures.. I know you are disappointed!

Monday: Yoga Fit.

Tuesday: 3 Mile run on the treadmill

Wednesday: 4 Mile run on the treadmill

Thursday: Shoveling- I seriously can not wait till this is over!! I caught this flu/cold thing that is going around. I was going to some hill training, but I figured if I am not feeling well, I should not abuse my body. AND it was really shitty out. There are limits ya know? Don’t want to make things worse! I saw this picture thing about how working out is like 4% of your day, so there are no excuses. The realizing your workout is like 4% of your day is pretty motivating….BUT with that being said the no excuses part I am not sure I am on board with. My belief is there are some I guess you would call the “excuses”.  Feeling sick and shitty weather, is a pretty good reason not to force your body to do something its not up for and also a reason to stay safe.

Friday: OFF

Planned:  Saturday body scuplt class + 2 mile run (if I am feeling better, still a little under the weather!) Sunday 8 mile run. I am not sure where Kensie and I are going to find to be able to run this far… it will be interesting!

With that behind us it was my Birthday this week and I got spoiled rotten! My boyfriend and I went to Union Street Grill in Newton. When I saw their menu I wanted like everything. I went with the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. OMG. SO good. We also got this giant desert….


For my birthday he got be Bruins tickets to see the Blackhawks vs the Bruins.  SO excited!! As well as an Alex Ani bracelet. I got one from Jon and two from my Mom. So the collection begins! 🙂


Anyway. That was my week in a nutshell!

A couple blogging questions.

So I just started using wordpress… is there a way to adjust the width of your blog posts? I dont like how the pictures are coming out all stretched! IS it something I have to buy the editor for?

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Wake Up Its Worth It!

A lot of people are always shocked that I get my workout in before I got to work, especially because I live about 45 minutes away from my Job which means that my alarm clock goes off at 5:15. Which for some people is normal… but not for me.

So how do I do it?  And WHY?

Night Before: 

Step 1: Pack lunch. I pack my left over dinner from the night into a Tupperware and  place everything that is refrigerated next to it. Then I pack all the non refrigerated stuff into a plastic bag to bring to work. In the morning I just simply have to open the fridge and take all the refrigerated stuff which is right next to each other and put it into my bag.

Step 2:  Pack my gym bag for work clothes the night before. I am a lucky girl and my dress code at work is pretty relaxed. Now its winter I typically where cords/jeans with a sweater.  So I can put these in a gym bag and not worry about it getting wrinkled. I wore slacks the other day and felt totally out of it that day. So I pack that with my Shampoo/Conditioner, soaps, ect.  You know, everything a person knows they need for the day.

Step 3: Get my gym clothes ready on top of my gym bag.

The Morning 

Step 1: Alarm clock goes off at 5:15. Hit Snooze…. Okay Ill get up in 10:00 minutes (feeling pumped…).  Phone alarm clock goes off…. to Britney Spears Work Bitch with a note saying “Get up its worth it”. Deal. It is. And yes that song motivates me like no other- I am not afraid to admit it! 🙂

Step 2: Second alarm clock goes off… UGH “insert excuse here” would totally be a justifiable reason not to get up right now and go to the gym right? Like my phone says it’s -10 degrees.

Step 3: Ug. Everything is packed… Am I really going to get ready out of my gym bag at home? That would probably be pretty lame.

Step 4: Browse social media 5 minutes on my phone debating if said excuse is really a good one.

Step 5: Really? Its not. Get up.

Step 6: Get dressed, grab everything and go.

Step 7: Get to the gym around 6:00- 6:10. Workout for 30- 60 minutes pending what I am doing and what time I get there.  Leave the gym around 7:00- 7:20. Then get to work.

And yes. that conversation happens in my head every morning. 🙂  BUT I must say every time I go to the gym I am glad I did it, and every-time I skip I am  like damn I should have gone. This morning was totally one of those mornings. I had a good excuse in my head, and I said no… I am going. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill which isn’t the most exciting thing in the world but my run actually felt really really good.

I must say getting my workout done in the morning so worth it. The thing is I see as time I would not be use doing anything else but sleeping (which is important- I got to bed early) I am not going to get up at 5:30AM and fold laundry… that’s just not going to happen. BUT my time in the evening is time that I am going to use to do chores ect. Weather its getting dinner ready before 8:00, watching a favorite TV show, or more importantly a big Bruins game, doing laundry, cleaning, ect…. there is so much more going on in the evening that I would like to do then go for a run.

That being said… the first few weeks I tried this my body was DEAD. Its really hard to readjust your body to getting up earlier then normal.  I am also dead my 9:30PM, which is normally when I at least dive into bed and start reading. BUT that’s okay…. because aside form late night games I am not going to be doing anything from 9:30PM on anyways.  Its around the time I would be thinking about settling down for the night if I got up at 6:45.

Although this completely changes during the summer!! Running outside obviously is way more motivation!! I seriously can’t wait till this winter is overrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Snow = Pain

Yikes. Sunday morning was my long run, and let me tell you, running in the snow HURTS. I feel like running in the snow is very much like running on the beach.  My legs are killing me today! I seriously can’t wait for this winter to be over… its funny how much I have grown to hate the winter this year sense starting to run.  I think its that with the combo that this has been one of the worst winters we have had over the past few years.

Anuway this is what the majority of the trail looked like on Sunday…


I love this picture I got of Kensie…



I didn’t get a picture of my watch but it was a slow run!

Total Distance: 7.30 miles
Total Time: 1 hour 11 minutes and 48 seconds.
Average Pace: 9:50
Calories Burned: 628

Pace per Mile:
Mile 1: 9:16
Mile 2: 9:26
Mile 3: 9:30
Mile 4: 10:38
Mile 5: 10:10
Mile 6: 9:57
Mile 7: 10:04
Mile 8 (0.29 miles): 9:52

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Running Around The Charles.

So I have decided to move to wordpress… I like the layouts better, I like the name  of the blog better… I think I like where this one is going!

Its going to take me awhile to learn how to use it though, so bare with me!

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Weekly Update- Feb 3 2014.

Okay. So I think these boring posts I am just going to include a boring title. Just my mid weekly workout/plan for the rest of the week… I am trying to think of what more I can write about. I really do enjoy having a place to write and blogging. So I want to keep it up. BUT I am just trying to figure out an angle. 🙂


Monday: Yoga Fit.

Tuesday: Treadmill Run for 3.1 miles. (The extra miles on my workouts are the warm-up and cool down)

Wednesday workout: Shoveling- and I am not even kidding. My workout route was thrown for a loop this week because we had a snow storm yesterday. I should be doing a 4 mile run. I was totally on board with get one done before work! (I worked from home). Around 7am I was driving to the gym and I was like… this is so not worth it so I turned around. I said I would go for a run once the roads were clear in the evening… That did not happen. My body was DEAD and today I am in pain. So I chalked up shoveling to my strength training.

Thursday:  4 mile run on the treadmill.

So there it is! I am hoping soon that I will be able to be sharing out door run pictures and not crappy treadmill pictures.

Also I am going to be brainstorming ideas of where I want to take this little thing…

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